A Learning Management System or LMS as it is commonly known is essentially a web application which is used to provide online courses. It is a great choice for schools, corporates, online education businesses, and colleges. Each of these have their specific systems of LMS. It has many benefits, from disbursing information to creating a repository to online training.

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Features of Learning Management System


Blended Learning LMS is widely considered as one of the most efficient methods of e-learning. It flips the classroom, provides centralized storage for instructions, study material and completed assignments, makes enrollment and management easy. In this system, you can self-pace learning and even organize student collaboration for precise results. Convenient access and effective learning tools make this an excellent choice.

Integrated virtual classroom

Software-based training has done away with the use of transportation and made all kinds of education accessible to pupils and teachers spread all over the world with the help of Integrated Virtual Classroom. It is usually a part of an advanced LMS wherein live online classes are held making education accessible to anyone with a phone/tablet/computer and a high-speed internet connection.

Course Creation & Course management

A good Learning Management System has a built-in course creation and management system. Even if it doesn’t, you can always create your own material and import it into the system. This is an essential part of any LMS.

Diverse Content Options

It is important to note that not everyone can learn/understand the same way. This is why while developing content for your LMS, you should keep diverse content options like – videos, audio files, documents, and webinars. Live online classes will also help. This will make your LMS more effective and help the learners grasp new concepts quickly.

Cloud based LMS

A cloud-based LMS ensures all your process is centralized and accessible from anywhere. This will help users to choose your system over others due to easy accessibility. This will also help in creating a customized learning experience.

Advance Analytics and Reporting

One of the biggest advantages of an e-learning system like an LMS is total control over the users’ progress. A successful LMS can be easily recognized by the fact that it provides detailed analytics and custom reports.


For any successful Learning Management System, it is absolutely essential to integrate various formats and be able to integrate itself easily as well. An intuitive dashboard, support for various content formats, and easy to generate reports can make the users’ experience easier and smoother.

Assessment creation and management

Assessments are absolutely essential for any Learning Management System. You need to incorporate a great tool which can successfully asses and generate reports for a smooth management of these assessments.

LMS Projects